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It's ready folks!

2010-08-05 13:06:53 by FlameRetardant

Our first (demo) album "Random Basement in the Attic" is mixed and available for listening on Soundcloud!
The current state of some songs may not be final however, as our bass-player wasn't available at the time. We will keep you informed about re-releases etc.
We might upload this on NG and YT as well, but for now here's the Soundcloud page.

Speaking for the whole band:
~Tobio Aarts, drummer and overall nice guy :)

Just editing for the heck of it:
~Toyvo Nachesa, the big bass beater of the band :D :D

~Sytze Zeylmaker, ni**er over all.


Zero bombers have zero life.


We've now got a page
~Sytze, Almighty guitar prodigy and virtuoso of the marvelous arts of strings


~ Toyvo, heavy firepower master, with a pinch of "fuck yea".


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