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2011-05-23 05:55:21 by FlameRetardant

Soon we'll come with a completely new album named "Music for the Mess" with 20+ songs.


Random Band Trivia etc.

2010-12-20 16:47:18 by FlameRetardant

Random Basement in the Attic.

We had no real ideas or prospects first about how our first album was going to be like, so while we were in the Attic of our drummer Tobio we randomly came up with this name, randomly get it? Hahaha?
While we were at the making of it, final stages really, we went to our friend's home, one of Onne's parent's family homes, there we shot some clips which are probably going to be the base for our random album video's, because we just did random things and then videotaped them.
We finalized each of these songs in about maybe a year, but the trivia for each song is coming up next.
This trivia was started by Toyvo while he was on holiday in Italy in a communist camp, and is being held up to date ever since.
Song trivia coming up next.


This song was and is a satire to the pop music in our world, the music itself is very poppy and the lyrics are complete bullshit and meaningless and just make one cringe to listen to it.
Beside means a couple of things.

And a third one which I can't remember atm.
Toyvo came up with the bass first, Tobio had to make the supereasy drums of course and Sytze had the genius idea in the studio to add an chords layer to it.
Btw, Tobio came up with the name, but Toyvo first didn't get what Tobio was talking about, and written "beside" while Tobio meant "B-side", Tobio thought that Toyvo just made a word joke and let it be.
Later it turned out Toyvo accidentally did it without even realizing, which caused a funny moment to occur.


The trivia behind this song is simple, while we were jamming in the basement of Tobio (to which we moved after Tobio's neighbours started complaining about the sound telling us it was too loud and that they wanted to rest on their holidays, more about it in random band trivia.)
We were just jamming when Toyvo just turned up his bass ( actually Tobio's sister bass ) to the absolute max and was playing the E note, and noted it would be cool to make a song out of it, perhaps a long drum solo, and then the guitar did the same thing, and the drums were playing the solo.
A trivia that should be only known to the one who actualy takes time to read this is that the studio-version of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE was drummed by the guitarst who at that moment was better at the drums. The live version will always be drummed rightfully by the drummer.
The song didn't pass the "Let's call it VuvuzeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE" opinion, and was returned to EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, during the time when we were reording this "song" the finals of the WK 2010 were at hand.

Blues Grooves:

This song was created by Sytze, it was also the first official song of the band, it has song blues elements and for that it has "Blues" in it's name, now the second part of it was impregnated because on the day that the band was going to rehearse some songs again Sytze AGAIN came way too late, and Tobio and Toyvo decided they would name some songs so they just named it "Blues Grooves" as in "Blues Clues"
Sytze had to accept it.

Random Band Trivia.

-Toyvo and Sytze really like them banana's when visiting Tobio to rehearse.
-Usually Toyvo and Sytze would arrive to Tobio, and rehearse for about 2 hours or less, after which they all would go to Tobio's laptop or TV en spend the rest of the day computering or watching TV.
-Sometimes Zhenya, who has been a friend of Toyvo for a long time, would join in to play with the band.
-Toyvo started playing in the band with 0 bass skills.
-Sytze had been playing the guitar for a little over a year and had been playing the drums for about 6 years.
-It was due to this band that Toyvo stopped doing VWO-grade school.
-At the first school "concert" of Sytze, Toyvo had to play some bass lines after having played on the bass for just a couple of days.
-Sytze and Toyvo really like Unox sausages of which Tobio usually always has some in the house.
-The first album was recorded on the bass on which Tobio's little sister was practicing, because according to Toyvo it made the right sound.
-Not long after that Toyvo bought his new bass and an Autowah, the great thing about all of this was that his bass was supplied with a shitload of strings, which is a very good thing because Toyvo's G-string (hahaha -.- ) seemed to break every time we practiced, but that frequency was soon to be reduced.
-Sytze hardly ever comes on time to band rehearsal appointments, also, he RARELY answers his mobile phone, you are a blessed son of a bitch if you reach him on first call.
-The band had several names before finally reaching it's (up to now) final name, while the first name was "punfully" called "EarAction" it didn't last long before even "Lesnes" was dropped and Flame Retardant was decided upon. Tobio and Sytze were on an awesome festival on which Infectious Grooves played and randomly saw "Flame Retardant" written over the place, and that's when they realized that would be the name of the band, after some research the conclusion was drawn that no other band had this name.
-The band gets most of the inspiration from Infectious Grooves, Primus, some Mr. Bungle and the Old Red Hot Chili Peppers, a fun fact to note is that Toyvo usually tries to be like Les Claypool, which results in Tobio and Sytze joking about it and enjoying Toyvo's Rages about it (more on this later), on the moment of writing this trivia, the FULL band has been to a concert of Les Claypool, on which he mostly played his newest album "Of Fungi and Foe", where he also played a couple of Primus songs. Toyvo was flabbergasted by the fact that he stood within a mere couple of meters from his legend. On that concert Les Claypool took a random bass out of the public signed it, and then played a number on it, Sytze then told Toyvo that he was an idiot for not taking his bass to the concert.
Also the band has been on an absolutely awesome concert of the Infectious Grooves on which another band also played a couple of numbers, that band was called Inspector Clouseau, they were not too bad, but did a couple of stage tricks over the top and when finally the Infectious Grooves came on Inspector Clouseau was as good as forgotten.
Also the band has song listings from the concert of each band they have been to in full number, thus from Infectious Grooves and Les Claypool.
-The band first rehearsed in the Attic off Tobio, only later one of the neighbours started complaining that we were causing too much "noise" and were disrupting their rest, they even called the police, it all resulted in us having to move the the basement where Tobio and Sytze, while Toyvo was away, moved all of the stuff from the Attic to the Bassment (lol) and isolated it as well as they could. If the band would cause nuisance again the instruments would be confiscated.
-Toyvo has a certain character thing that he get outraged about things that annoy him quite quickly, now Tobio and Sytze know that Toyvo is also an actor, and usually don't get it that he's actually barking mad which causes them to laugh their glasses off and Toyvo rampaging around.
-Toyvo's glasses often fly off when he's headbanging and it takes a long time to find them
-Tobio had bought a little orange Grammaphone as a just a nice thing to have on the "Band Shelf", it's actually a money collecting object, but isn't going to be used a s such, except that it maybe could hold a litlle coin or post mark from the countries the band has been in.
-The lyrics are usually made by Toyvo because first of all he applies for it, and second of all he just likes to do it.

It's ready folks!

2010-08-05 13:06:53 by FlameRetardant

Our first (demo) album "Random Basement in the Attic" is mixed and available for listening on Soundcloud!
The current state of some songs may not be final however, as our bass-player wasn't available at the time. We will keep you informed about re-releases etc.
We might upload this on NG and YT as well, but for now here's the Soundcloud page.

Speaking for the whole band:
~Tobio Aarts, drummer and overall nice guy :)

Just editing for the heck of it:
~Toyvo Nachesa, the big bass beater of the band :D :D

~Sytze Zeylmaker, ni**er over all.


Zero bombers have zero life.


We've now got a page
~Sytze, Almighty guitar prodigy and virtuoso of the marvelous arts of strings


~ Toyvo, heavy firepower master, with a pinch of "fuck yea".

And here we are...

2010-07-13 06:39:18 by FlameRetardant

Hello hello hello, we are Flame Retardant, a pretty much new band with our own genre which can be referred to as trash funk, however we actually play all sorts of music, although it does have to have something to do with funk, music is made to make people happier, not only more depressed and that's what we are aiming for.
We are going to post our full album on here soon enough and then you'll be free to vote and comment on it.

First we need to mix the songs which we recorded last saturday and sunday, so stay tuned!